Dedicated food nerds

and headstrong innovators

We who run Marine Taste are dedicated food nerds and headstrong innovators from the Swedish west coast. What we above all have in common is our love of the sea and care for the environment.

The idea to make a rich fund of sea squirts was raised in 2017, when a lovely lobster-like scent spread from the cooking where we made organic fish feed from sea squirts. Organic fish feed is a product we also work with in the sister company.

After trying it out, we finally managed to get the right taste and texture for our first food product, Ciona Fond. Since we were the first in the Swedish market to use sea squirt in food, the product must undergo extra careful checks. So finally, in the spring of 2019, all permits were ready and sales could begin.

Our farms are located in the sea outside Lysekil and inside the Island of Tjörn. It is always just as exciting to be on the boat to rake in the next harvest. Under great care, our products are then prepared in our premises in Stenungsund.

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About Ciona intestinalis
Ciona intestinalis is one of about 20 species of sea squirts that lives along the Swedish west coast. It is an anemone-like aquatic animal that is attached to rocks and other hard substrates below the water surface.

In countries such as Korea, Chile and along the Mediterranean sea squirts is not at all unusual at the dining table. In the Swedish kitchen, however, the sea squirt is, untill now, an unknown product. At Marine Taste, we want to change that. In our eyes and palates, it is a golden raw material and an exclusive seasoning that more people should discover.