The Ciona Umami Fond was developed by Fredrik Norén and the team at Marine Feed in autumn 2017. Fredrik is an amateur food-junkie, and a professional marine biologist. So why not combine the interests?

Marine Taste cultures and harvest the sea squirt Ciona intestinalis in Swedish west coast waters in an existing blue mussel culture . We invented a method to extract the umami rich flavours from the sea squirts  and concentrate it into the Ciona Umami Fond.

After a first trial on Ciona-vodka (still in small scale production) the Ciona Umami Fond was a more family accepted product. Now both the family and friends expect Ciona Umami Fond in more or less all of Fredrik’s cooking during the ongoing exploration phase.

Welcome to contact us for more information. We will start the selling in March 2019.



Ciona intestinalis is a very common filter-feeding evertebrate animal in Swedish waters. It is similar to marine mussels, but without a hard shell.

The sea-squirt Ciona that are used for the Ciona umami fond

In many places around the world, Ciona is considered an invasive and problematic species. But not here in Sweden, the great zoologist Linneaus described the species from our waters already 1767.

It is still a nuisance for the mussel aquaculturists, but we have developed several products from Ciona to make use of this great, and well tasting, resource.

Sea-squirts are common food in many areas. In Korea the sea-squirt Halozynthia are a traditional food, as well as Pyure in Chile and Microcosmus in Meditteranean countries. So, we are not first to use sea-squirts as food – but maybe first to use them as taste enhancer.


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